About Us
BIO: ​
Eric was born in Durham, England, in 1943. Durham was a major strategic military post for the Romans and the Normans, and is the site of one of the greatest cathedrals in Europe. The Rose Window is especially beautiful there.  The cathedral stands on a hill, next to the castle, which is now part of Durham University. 

Eric started developing film at the age of ten, in an unused pantry at home, and has been an avid photographer ever since.

After graduating Durham Johnston Grammar Technical School ("high school" in USA English) he graduated from City University, London, in 1965, and went on to become a hardware and software design engineer for 46 years, until retiring from engineering in 2011.  Now Eric has time to continue his life-long passion full-time, as a photographer.

We offer a photography service, as well as a matting, framing, and custom print service.  Prints can be made in-house at short notice, up to 16" x 32", and only archival quality papers and inks are used.

Mats and frames can be made in-house, up to 32" x 40".
Prices of prints, mats, and frames are very competitive.


Restoration: We also restore old photos, from prints, or (preferably) from original negatives in the case of film images.  Contact us for more information.

Reprinting:  We can copy your original oil paintings, watercolors, drawings, etc, and reproduce them on similar paper to the originals, with accurate colors. Contact us for more information.